About Us

We have over 25 years of experience in web development, SEO, e-Commerce, 3D visualization, video production and social media. Working alongside agencies as a silent partner or directly with clients. Contact us for a free consultation regarding your current interactive marketing.

We will give you the best advice possible, even if you don’t hire us for the job.

What Customers Want

In every aspect of your brand’s expression, powerful brands find a way to align themselves with the beliefs of the target audience. They find the keys to weaving the fabric of their brand with the strands of customer self-description.  They seek to not only have their brand reflect the customer’s self-aspirations but also to invite the customer to participate in the brand itself.  They build the brand so that the customer can interact with the brand in a way that gives them ownership and a feeling of empowerment.  Nothing delivers that active and engaged element better than the interactive disciplines of web, Social and new media.

Speak to Your Audience

Most companies today have web sites that sell their corporate identity but neglect the customer.  Brochure-like websites proliferate the net and marketers forget the fact that the most effective brands tell the customer who the customer is. Once they find themselves, your web presence needs to invite the customer to make your brand part of that self-description.

Help Them Find You

But, all the correct and strategic brand elements are not enough by themselves.  The science of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) needs to be brought to bear.  For many interactive companies, this is an afterthought.  For JMF Interactive it is planned into every aspect of the site itself.  Content can be written to improve search engine optimization, navigation can be created to improve search engine optimization, back-end scaffolding can be created to improve search engine optimization — everything is created organically, not fixed afterwards to improve search engine optimization and search engine placement.