Shoot once, deliver everywhere

Video is a wonderful means of communicating ideas and emotions. It can sell, inspire, sadden and enrage. At least it can when done properly. For every great movie, there are a hundred awful ones. The same is true for corporate video. Some of it borders on laughable, using every bad production technique and horrible cliché it can squeeze within the frames.

Some people believe we have had a video revolution. This has allowed every person with a camcorder and too much time on their hands to produce quality video. Don’t be fooled into this trap. Bad video can be disastrous for your company. Unless your selling used cars or running a pawn shop, it’s a good idea to stay away from low priced production houses, students working on the side and those cable outlets who shoot it for free when you buy ad time. Just because the equipment cost have come down in recent years, does not mean creative has followed. Good concepts, great footage and precise edits that stay focused on the strategic message are what really matter and you still get what you pay for.

Once your video is complete and ready to be viewed, use the best channel for distribution you can. There have never been more choices than there are today. DVD, Flash video, Rich media banners, Theater promotions, You Tube and the old fashioned VHS can all be utilized in getting the message out.

(Samples of video work available upon request.)

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